Thursday, June 27, 2013


It is summer. I am not doing much with my life. My Sunsets give me a sad look and demand to be played. They demand a reckoning of what I have been doing with 2a.

I have not looped since the last Kansas State Yo-Yo Contest where I gave a horrible showing of my abilities. This is what all my work has come to. I can do some 2a tricks, but I am nowhere near proficient at it. I have gotten over my fear of competing with 2a, but I always rank near the bottom because I haven't mastered the tricks that I do know. It is time to set new goals and look forward to some healthy practice.

  • Be able to loop with both hands smoothly for extended periods of time
  • Get tangler consistent
  • Learn hop the fence
  • Learn basic wraps
  • Learn to do vertical punches with each hand and then both hands
Today's practice session:
  • 100 loops with each hand x 5
  • 50 loops with both hands together x 6
  • 50 reps of hop the fence with each hand x 5

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