Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's been awhile

How long has it been since I posted here last? One month? Two months? I'm still around and I'm still working on 2a. One of the reasons I hadn't been posting was because nothing was really changing. I could do around five loops with both hands simultaneously.

The dull and boring practice routine has changed now. School has started again, but this year it isn't just a new year it's a new school with all the fun of meeting new friends. How does that play into yo-yoing? I yo-yo in my free time between classes; people see me; my reputation spreads; and people ask to see more. They have really been a great inspiration for me. I don't just have myself for encouragement, but I now have plenty of other people encouraging me and even telling me that I need to learn a new trick each week. (On a side note, I hit myself in the face with an IKYO Agape during school last week.)

People really respect 2a. Both hands doing loops at the same time is an awe inspiring thing to see. As such I have really been focusing on it.

Looping status: Ten loops with both hands and in dire need of more string.

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