Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm 21

What's up guys, Andrew here. I turned 21 today and what is a better thing to receive in the mail other than a brand new pair of Loop 900's?! Very cool.

So now I have a pair of the finest 2A yoyos money can buy, all I need now is the skill to back it up. I may have a background in single A, but my double A is very weak. I decided just a few short weeks ago that I'll give 2A a serious try and I haven't come too terribly far just yet. I feel like a newbie starting yoyos all over again and I am constantly searching the internet for tutorials and tips.
The constant struggle for that 1 o' clock/11 o' clock position has been the majority of my practice so far; I'll usually nail 10-15 loops before they turn too far sideways and I lose control. I was feeling brave today and tried a tangler and decided seconds afterward that it was a terrible idea.

Can't give up. More updates soon.

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