Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Almost a Week

It has almost been one week since I started 2A with the 900's. My yoyoing experience has basically turned into consistency training; three basic loops with one hand and then immediately three with the other. Back and forth, 1-2-3, 1-2-3. It has been doing me well so far, my throw is very close to the perfect angle and I no longer feel hindered by my left hand.

2A is incredibly difficult, but I already knew what I was up against when I decided to go for another round this time. Its hard to compare it to anything in yoyos I have done before; when I first started learning 1A it was all about learning new tricks, then it was about making the tricks visually appealing, and then finally finding my own style. The first part of the learning curve was a few days to a week, and then leveling off around 3-4 years. With 2A, the only thing I am focused on is doing "loop the loop". Every time I pick up the yoyos its back to the 1-2-3 grind. I never thought one trick would require so much practice...but then again, I suppose its more than just a trick, its a concept as well. Just like learning trapeze for the first time.

All I know for certain at this point is medical tape is awesome and you should pick up a roll if you want to get into 2A...and that the Loop900 is the new staple for 2A play.

Train hard.

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