Saturday, May 22, 2010


Let me make my introduction. I have always been intrigued by 2a to some extent or another. To see a guy looping with both hands and then doing completely different things was amazing. What really blew my mind was seeing Joseph Harris at MoYo. He was doing things that I never thought were possible with 2a. That really made me want to learn 2a.

Time for more details, I am currently using stock Raiders for looping. I set a new personal for number of loops last night. I did twenty loops with my right hand on one of those Raiders. The Raiders aren't my favorite loopers so I do plan on trading them for either Sunsets or Loop 720's (or 900's (hype)), but until I get around to that I'll be using my Raiders.

The real purpose of this blog is to force myself to learn 2a by having others (that's you) hold me accountable. As I have already said, I can do up to twenty loops on one hand if I get lucky. Normally, I average around seven to ten awkward loops. My short term goals are:

-Be able to do thirty loops on a regular basis.

-Make my loops smoother and more consistent.

-Have fun with this new style.

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  1. It is noteworthy to mention that I just did forty-four loops on my left hand.